Basic and Premium Estate Planning Packages at a Flat Fee

Last Wills

A common denominator among many Floridians is that they do not have a Last Will & Testament. Worse, if a person dies without a Will, the State decides what happens to their assets.  At Mercer Law, P.A., we meet with clients on a strictly confidential basis and custom-tailor their Last Will & Testament.  Basic estate planning is something everyone needs.  Having your basic estate plan in order and finalized may be one of the best gifts you can give your loved ones.


Tune-ups for Existing Wills 

A question we are often asked is: "Do I need to update my existing Will?"  Some Wills need updating from time to time to reflect changes in a client's desires, assets, family, or life circumstances.  Existing Wills sometimes contain errors or conflicting provisions such as directing that the same asset be distributed to two completely different people.  It may be advisable to have a lawyer review your existing Will and determine if a tune-up or repair is warranted.


Other Estate Planning Documents

Who would you want to make decisions for you or act on your behalf should you become mentally incompetent, injured or in a coma?  Would you want life support to be removed or maintained?  Do you want to prevent the State from deciding for you?  Many people avoid thinking about having their basic estate planning documents prepared.  Some have documents that may not be valid under current Florida law. Take the guesswork out of what happens to you and your assets by ensuring your instruments are in order.

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